Who We Serve

Health Plans and their Members

Our solutions are tailored to meet the individualized needs of the diverse members you support.


With 1 in 5 members on Medicaid, empower your populations with tailored, turnkey solutions that prioritize reach, accessibility, and cultural competency.

Rapid Reach

Reach 70% of eligibles within 60 days of implementation (over 7x the national average).

Culturally Competent

Ensure literacy with program materials available in multiple languages (e.g. English, Spanish, etc) and written at a fourth-grade reading level.

Win your state RFP

Increase your RFP win rate by including the Vheda Health solution in your bid. (Note: 100% win rate when plan’s include Vheda Health’s solution by name).


With 1 in 5 members on Medicare, ensure long-term member retention with turnkey solutions that create trust.

Building Trust

Enable 80% member retention with 3x more touch points.

Enable Longevity

Extend life longevity through repetitive behaviors that create long-term compliance.

Create a unique Medicare Benefit

Increase the competitiveness of your Medicare bid by including the Vheda Health solution as a benefit.

Special Needs Care

Deliver targeted care to dually eligible members with simplicity, reducing costs through focused interventions that enhance overall health outcomes.

Targeted and Simple

Provide targeted care to dually-eligible members in an easy, simple format.

Cost Reduction

Decrease medical costs through avoidable emergency room utilization and admissions.

Achieve your annual Medical Loss Ratio targets by implementing Vheda Health as a Quality Initiative (QI).