Empowering Members to Live their Best Life

Vheda Health’s virtual-first care model combines human touch and technology, addressing the challenges of expensive chronic conditions prevalent across diverse Medicaid, Medicare, and SNP populations.

Our chronic condition solutions


Addresses the high prevalence of diabetes in your population, with a focus on improving glycemic control, A1C, 
and utilization.


Focuses on promoting healthy 
mothers and full-term babies.

Mental Health

Targets challenges of anxiety, depression, SUD, and more with targeted therapies that improve the mental health of your populations.

Hypertension & Congestive Heart Failure

Focused on reducing avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room utilization.

Medication Adherence

Focused interventions that improve medication compliance over time.

Weight Management

Tailored programs that 
address obesity and 
cardiovascular challenges.

Asthma & COPD

Specialized programs 
decrease avoidable 
utilization through improved medication compliance.

Proven Care Pathways Creating Outcomes


91% improved blood glucose 48 hours post-alerts


90% increase in access to care


85% blood pressure to normal range 48 hours post-alerts


70% increase in food and transportation support for members


53% improvement in provider/member navigation

Achieve your annual Medical Loss Ratio targets by implementing Vheda Health as a Quality Initiative (QI).

Delivering Whole Health for All

Learn more about how we deliver better engagement and outcomes for your Medicaid, Medicare, and Special Needs Populations.

Accelerating Health Equity and Addressing Social Determinants

Access to care

Every member receives a smartphone with preloaded apps, ensuring access to key resources for managing their health.

Care navigation

Our Member Experience and Health Services teams are available to speak with members 24/7.


More than 85% of engaged members 
in the Vheda Health program are underrepresented minority groups.


Vheda Health fosters a private member community that is highly connected and supportive.