Accelerate Health Equity. Guaranteed Outcomes.

Our chronic care programs meet members where they are, enabling your health plan to achieve 84% engagement and 20% medical savings.

Program Performance

Vheda Health’s Live Care Coordination model consistently delivers best-in-class outcomes:


Member Engagement (monthly recurring)


Average Medical Savings PMPM (per member per month)

Vheda Health Partners Differently

From Day 1, we engage as your strategic partner, focused on delivering the best solution that provides your members with access to care from anywhere.

Vheda Health Engages Differently

In the first 60 days, our reach rate is 70%

Vheda Health Increases Health Equity

Our programs enable every member to achieve their highest level of health, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Vheda Health Increases Care Access

Our Smart SIM ensures members have 
access to care in urban and rural areas.


Vheda Health begins by identifying and enrolling the population segments that will deliver a same-year 3:1 ROI.

Receive Kit

Members receive personally delivered kit with iPhone and pre-connected devices.


Members complete a custom assessment that tailors the right program for the right outcome.

Engage in Program

Vheda Health analytic engine aggregates 
and interprets more than 20 data points to determine the right member outreach strategy.

Close the Loop

Members receive live care coordination focused on stabilization and connectivity to their provider — ensuring continuity of care.

Achieve your annual Medical Loss Ratio targets by implementing Vheda Health as a Quality Initiative (QI).

Proven Member Outcomes


>90% increase in access to care


70% Increase in food and transportation support for members


53% Improvement in 
provider/member navigation


<10% NICU rate, 37.1 average weeks at delivery

Our members say it best.

Juanita, 41

“My insurance suggested Vheda Health. I've lost 28 pounds so far and have not needed insulin for 2 months. My blood pressure is better, too.”

Tim, 71

“The Vheda Health Program was a lifesaver. I was able to monitor my blood sugar everyday, lower my A1C, and finally get on the transplant list for a new kidney and pancreas.”

Wendell, 66

“Now that I am checking my blood pressure every day, it’s under 
control, and I haven’t gone to the 
ER in months.”